We Caught Up With Johnny Two Chords

I shot some photos of local punk rockers Johnny Two Chords when they opened for Bad Fish at Revolution a few weeks back. They tore that place up. They also just released their first full length album titled “Chronicles of Josh”. This is a band I feel is about to do some very entertaining things. So we decided to get together with Julius, Dave, Kenny, and Laz for Myami305.com’s inaugural text interview. Look at the photos, listen to some of their music, and find out what these guys are all about.

Tell us about your band.

Johnny Two Chords is really just about keeping ourselves young and having a good time. Me and Kenny have been listening to this type of music and skating our whole lives and it’s something we never grew out of, which is why we are so dedicated to it. Even after losing several past members we continued with JTC, for instance, before Dave joined us (who’s the best fucking drummer we could’ve asked for) we didn’t even have a drummer for months yet we kept writing and jamming almost daily, and again recently when we lost our bassist for months we were still practicing and performing until we found Laz, who we all feel is a perfect fit in the group. It’s pretty awesome to be able to write these songs that are really different than anything you hear coming out nowadays and actually have people relate to them. And as life goes on and we all get older this is the one thing that stays the same and it gives us a chance, even if it’s once a week, to escape from reality and express how we feel about problems whether they’re personal or global or sometimes even just about celebrating life and not letting go of that.


What are some of your influences?

We’re influenced by a lot of styles of punk rock and surf rock, some elements of hardcore and even some reggae. To name our main influences would be like Pennywise, NOFX, Descendents, No Use For A Name, H2O, Goldfinger, Sublime, but honestly there’s quite a wide variety so I can ¬†go on all day about which bands influence us.


What current South Florida groups do like?

What are your favorite local venues?
Definitely Churchill’s and Revolution

Thoughts on living in Miami?
Miami’s a great city with a lot to do but it’s hard trying to get our music out there when the majority of the city is into a lot of bullshit. But we love the pace and the environment and we’re proud to be from here and to be a little different.

Future Plans?
We just plan to keep playing music as long as we can and continue to write, record and perform whether it just benefits our friends or even just us.


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