What a time to be alive in the 305! One of the fastest growing and most captivating cities in the world. The moment you step foot in Myami you can’t help but notice the beautiful aura we live in. The tropical weather mixed with the diverse people help shape our city into a multi-cultural metropolis. Despite the fact that South Florida is one the biggest urbanized areas in the United States, we have never had a local media outlet that is hip to what really goes down in Myami. With the help of Circle Tree Multimedia, we have developed a team of cutting edge artists dedicated to capturing the real essence of our city and giving it back to the people unfiltered. The technology is at our fingertips. We no longer need to rely on biased media corporations to speak for us. Our passionate creative team at Myami305.com is fully committed to ensure the beautiful people of Miami,Florida have a voice that is heard loud and clear on a daily basis.

Sincerely Yours,