The Place to Be During Art Basel is Wynwood [6 Videos]

As you may know, for the past 7 years I’ve been documenting the streets of Wynwood during Art Basel. It all started in late 2008 during the SmokeNProfits era when I got word that there was a bunch of artist painting throughout Wynwood. From that day forward I’ve been a fanatic of Art Basel.

This video below is my first Basel documentation. It took place outside of the old RC Cola factory which at this point was a truck facility. It was cool seeing all these different artist from all over the world out here legally painting alongside the local artists such as Rage, Pest, and Crome who actually did a huge blockbuster on this same wall illegally in the late nineties with Crook, you might remember seeing it on the news. At the end of the video during the long shot of the wall take notice of Crome’s piece and the reference he did to his original work on this wall.

Graffiti Artist Painting : Art Basel 2008

Within the same year as the video above, Hendo and I politely invaded some private event in the Design District. We simply walked up to the entrance and handed them a SmokeNProfits business card. Access granted!

Design District Private Event : Art Basel 2008

Then came 2010. At this point, Ice Berg and I were on a video spree when I came across the idea of shooting a music video during Basel. Berg was down for it, so we took it inside the RC Cola factory and shot some raw scenes of him performing while graffiti artist painted the background. By now everyone has shot at that location but Berg and I were some of the first if not the first to film a music video there during Basel.

Ice Billion Berg : Yes Ima Smoker 2010

By 2011, I took notice of the street fest that had commenced between 20th and 28th street on NW 2nd avenue. It was awesome seeing all these different types of people having a good time and letting loose. By now this is the most condensed area of Wynwood during Art Basel and in my opinion the place to be. See for yourself.

Street Dance Off : Art Basel 2011

2012 I decided to go back to my roots and document the graffiti once again. I started at the same RC Cola wall and made my way all throughout Wynwood capturing many different dope artworks as well as rappers Fabolous and Pusha T in the process of shooting a music video for their song “Life Is So Exciting”.

Wynwood : Art Basel 2012

In 2013, I got together with one of the pioneers of latin hip-hop, Don Dinero to shoot a music video for a remix he did to Future’s “Honest” track in spanish. We cruised thru Wynwood checking out the art, people, graffiti, street performers and the whole atmosphere then we spliced that in the video with Dinero performing amongst some dope graffiti and cool locations.

Don Dinero : Honesto Music Video 2013

As for 2014, It was a blast. I captured an overwhelming amount of dope content which you will be seeing anytime now.

Press play below to watch a chronological playlist of all the videos I’ve produced during Art Basel since 2008.

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