The Day I Woke Up Early : 12-27-16 [31 Images]

Two days ago I went on a spontaneous exploration in the early hours of the day. I rarely see the morning due to my nocturnal ways but this recent adventure opened my eyes to the many awesome things there are to photograph, if i just wake up early.

I started off by catching this dragon breath time lapse of the sunrise from South Pointe Park in South Beach. This was just the beginning.


Next I decided to cruise thru Downtown to see what it looked like at this time of the day. I stuck around the Dade County Courthouse area where I noticed tons or people making there way to work. As I was driving I ran into to the Miami Dade County Children’s Courthouse which I don’t recall seeing in the past. The building design looked nice and the sun was at a nice angle, I had no choice but to snap a photo.


From there I took a few wrong turns and I ended up in the Lummus Park Historic District. What first caught my attention was this old abandoned home that was held up with concrete blocks. I would love to know more about this house.



Next to the abandoned home was a house which was being renovated, but what caught my eye was this beautiful huge ficus tree next to it. I had to photograph it.


Across the street was the City of Miami Police Horse Stable.


I walked up the gate to see If I could get some pics. As I was doing so a lady appeared on a bike and she started to talk to one of the horse in a kindly manner. Then she asked my name, soon as I gave it to her she praised the lord and mentioned her son who was about to get out of prison had the same name as me. Her name was Theresa.



I wasn’t too thrilled seeing the horse tied up in this manner and neither was Theresa but what could we do?



Directly across the street from the stable there was this steal beam site which I’ve seen many times driving on I-95 south towards Brickell and Key Biscayne. I don’t know what the story is but I was able to get these cool shots of it with these awesome hard shadows.





Along the same block as I was driving away I noticed this interesting building which had the words “Scottish Rite” on it. The architecture was extremely well done and once again the sun was at a nice angle so I snapped it up. Come to find out this building is almost 100 years old.



At this point I was hyped up, everything seemed to be so perfect. My next idea was to go to this super cool overpass nearby.














Okay enough with this overpass. Next stop was Overtown. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to shoot many pics there because its not so easy to drive and shoot by yourself, especially in a tense neighborhood such as OT but I did capture this one extremely interesting moment. So I was starting to make my way home when I reached a stop sign, as I was doing so I noticed something cool unfolding. There was a garbage truck scooping up a pre-flat screen era television, you know those huge gigantic ancient tvs you used to have 10 years ago which you see every so often in the trash, he was after one of those which someone in the building was obviously throwing away but what really caught my attention was the pretty little girl’s face reaction as the garbage truck makes off with the tv. Priceless!


You can tell the boy behind her is her big brother. Also notice the guy in the backs face, lol.


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